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The Deep War
Maxime Bondu

Curatorial program of "Night of the Museums", Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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For the "Night", the French artist Maxime Bondu will present his work The Deep War in an exhibition space on 36 Otets Paisiy Str.

The Deep War is a computer experiment made with the technologist Julien Griffit. Two Artificial Intelligences, working autonomously, are fighting on a chess board. Knowing only the rules at first, with no databases, the A.I evolves and grows up aggregating experience in relation with the memory structure. A window is open to an unpredictable and intuitive behavior. During their existence, each different because of the first match (one in defense and the other in attack), they create their own databases. The learning abilities place the experiment in a large scale of time where can pop up large possibilities. Imagined as echo to the famous game Deep Blue vs Kasparov in 1996, where for the first time a super-computer were able to beat a Grand Chess Master, the piece questions the idea of the awakening to consciousness and spirit of the machine.

On another hand Maxime Bondu will start a research for new artworks related to the film programming of the Kino Kosmos since its opening in 1964 up to its closing in 1999. As a retinal persistence of the screen, he will try to deduce the dominant color from the movies that the population of Plovdiv remembers.

With the support of Institute Français de Bulgarie and Open Arts Foundation